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Weight Lifting Grips

Weight Lifting Grips

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1. Easy to put on and remove.

2. Provides you with a firmer grip that prevents injuries.

3. The adjustable loop provides just the right stability and safety during workouts.

4. Weightlifting wrist strap help shift the weight to your wrists, protecting your palms.

5. Lifting grip gloves can be used for both pulling and pushing exercises and acts as both a lifting strap and wrist support all in one.

6. Non-slip weight lifting straps to protect your hands and wrists while making you feel one with the bar.


Increases Grip Strength: when you wearing it to fitness, it will buffer the impact of sport apparatus, prevent slipping, increase gripping force protecting your hands from calluses and blisters.

Made of High Quality: weight lifting grips gloves made of three layers of super-durable genuine cowhide leather ,neoprene wrist straps support. Comfortable neoprene wrist support so no added tension on the wrist.

How to use the gym grip pad: When you are doing a pushing exercise, ensure that the grip pad rests against your palm to protect your hands. Alternatively, when pulling the pad can be wrapped around the bar.

Adjustable and Convenient: Adjustable velcro provide the user the possibility to adjust their personal size, the narrow wristband make your wrist activities more flexible. Adjustable velcro strap closure to allow custom fit and secure grip.

Muiti-purpose Lifting Grips: Ideal for all kinds of activities like workout, fitness, gym training, weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, cross fit, cycling, and general workouts, can be used at daily training, home or outdoor exercise. Perfect for both indoors and outdoors.


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