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Sports Towel

Sports Towel

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Feature: Quick-Dry

Material: Microfiber Fabric

Size: 100x30cm


COMPACT DESIGN - This sports towel is packable for the gym, beach, and anywhere else you need it. They can easily be condensed in size 4x smaller than a camping towel of the same size.

FAST DRYING - Made with fibers that are much thinner than a standard microfiber towel, our quick dry towels have 4x as much surface area, allowing them to absorb more water and dry up to 3x as fast.

MULTIPURPOSE - Use them as swim towels to dry off, gym towels during a workout, or small beach towels on vacation.

HIGH QUALITY - Every microfiber travel towel is made with premium material that shares the same smooth qualities as satin. They're also super absorbent, odor-resistant, and won't smell after drying.

SOFT - If you're looking for a packable beach towel or swim towel, give this one a go! It has a slip-resistant surface and extra plush microfiber that is oh-so-gentle on your face, body, and skin.


1 x Microfiber Travel Towel

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