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Hamstring Curl Strap

Hamstring Curl Strap

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1. The hamstring curl strap is the perfect waist and abdominal workout equipment allowing you to practice better sit-up form by keeping your feet planted on the floor and maximizing core abdominal and hip flexor muscle activation.

2. With high-quality steel tube, woven strap, and foam, comfortable and reliable to use, easy to maintain, and resistant to breakage or wear. You don't have to worry about your legs being uncomfortable.

3. The soft foam-covered sit-up equipment with double-row support bars strengthens heel force, making your exercise more efficient and balanced, and thus you will have a perfect shape.

4. The hamstring curler is easy to use and allows you to adjust the straps for a better fit or comfort. It is widely used for sit-ups, squats, abs, core exercises, and other workouts. Great for adults, teens, and other fitness enthusiasts.

5. The workout equipment is easy to carry to offices, bedrooms, living rooms, parks, etc. It can be rolled up and stored in backpacks or suitcases when not in use and does not take up much space


Material: steel tube, woven strap and foam
Color: black


1 x Hamstring curl strap











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